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Do you feel comfortable in a very dynamic environment characterized by continuous change and extraordinary team spirit?

Our business is highly competitive and (virtually) everyday we are posed with new technologies, legal stipulations and customer-specific requirements. Regardless of whether you work in sales, technical departments, software development or the commercial sector – it means for all of us, working at the forefront of the latest developments, gaining new experiences everyday and continuously developing. All this in a highly professional, very international environment in which shared shared success are fostered.

If you want to progress and grow with your tasks and get a little better everyday, you have come to the right place at Laetus.

Look forward to tomorrow


The best team wins

This central Danaher value pretty much sums up what drives us at Laetus. Yet we’re anything but smart “winning types.” But we have ambition and really enjoy winning: the competition for the best product on the market, the next exciting project, the trust and recognition of our customers, striving for the best solution and always racing against time if projects get close to deadlines.

All of this can only be performed together. Teamwork is not a hollow expression for us, it is part of our daily routine. Everyone is approachable, everyone feels responsible for the joint success and also thinks for others. The fair and friendly interaction with each other means that all colleagues work well together.

This was also reflected in our employee survey in 2019. Here is a sample of our global feedback with the percentage approval rate:

I am treated with respect regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation and/or other characteristics (92%)


Occupational safety is guaranteed in my division (92%)


I trust the people with whom I work (88%)


I feel part of a team (85%)


The management of my company promotes a working climate of diversity (87%)


I have the freedom to express my opinion, even if others disagree (87%)


In the company I work for, occupational safety is as important as quality, delivery reliability and productivity (85%)


My colleagues work together to complete their tasks (84%)


My line manager supports my work/life balance efforts (80%)


What is the main reason our employees choose to work for Laetus? Find out for yourself:

Mutual inspiration, constructive exchange, going the extra mile together until the best solution is found or a complex project is successfully completed. Ultimately being proud of the joint achievement and “celebrating” it together. That’s what you’ll experience at Laetus.


Open, communicative and responsible

Being at Laetus means you’re not just a member of a team or department from the off, but you’re also bringing your expertise and ideas to other projects and business activities – sometimes even to another Danaher company.

For us, it is a matter of course not only to keep an eye on our own area of work, but also on that of our colleagues and on the bigger picture, in order to better understand our own role in the overall structure of the business and to contribute towards the joint success. Communication and exchange are of great importance to us. The Danaher Tools such as the Daily Visual Management enable us to share best practices and lessons learned more efficiently across departmental and company boundaries, and to gain support and momentum when something isn’t quite going “to plan”.

One thing is clear: none of us is perfect, nor do you need to be. Nonetheless, the aim of continuously improving together is something you should share with us. Furthermore, you should be open to new ideas, various perspectives and different cultures, as Laetus currently employees a team from 20 different nations.

This pool of available knowledge is so considerable. And the company-wide approach – that’s incredible. I’m having a problem, I’m not getting on here, so I’m talking to someone from another Danaher company. This exchange. Extremely open people. Share their knowledge. They take their time.
(Arne, Head of Supply Chain, at Laetus since 2019)


Ambitious yet harmonious

We are innovative, fast and results-driven. Our projects are demanding, the deadlines sometimes time-critical, and nevertheless we have the ambition to find the best solution for each challenge, not just any solution.

We believe that truly successful solutions are created in a positive atmosphere. They need space for new ideas and at the same time a deliberate, systematic approach. That’s why we use agile methods and other tools to check our approaches early on in terms of their viability and to know the exact status of our projects at all times.

I’d say we’re … pretty much aligned with our goals, but that’s offset by the fun we have at the same time.
(Karin, Software Engineer, at Laetus since 2017)

So if you were looking for somewhere a little quieter, Laetus is not the right choice for you. As we are always on the move and looking for new challenges. But if you prefer to work with purpose and sense and under pressure, we should get to know each other.

I’d say we’re … pretty much aligned with our goals, but that’s offset by the fun we have at the same time.
(Daniel, Head of Global Services, at Laetus since 2018)


Diversity is our strength – diversity and inclusion

People from across the world work together at Laetus, who are completely different in many ways. With their very own beliefs and experiences, characterised by different cultures, social backgrounds, religions … What unites us is an inclusive business culture in which this diversity is part of everyday life and is encouraged. Every new point of view and every other perspective on a topic can provide the decisive boost – whether it be to improve daily business processes, the breakthrough in a project or for real innovations.

We treat each other very openly and respectfully, motivate each other and listen to everyone. Regardless of which of our colleagues has an idea or a concern: we listen to them and find a solution together. Working together is more important to us than “being right”, encouraging the whole team is more important than the success of lone fighters. Ultimately, we all benefit from this. As through the open exchange of the widest range of opinions, adopting the most diverse points of view, we as a team can unleash creativity and develop real innovations. Each one of us can extend and develop their own individual potential without having to “bend”.

Gender, religion, nationality, cultural background, physical restrictions … these are not the categories in which we think at Laetus. What matters to us is personality. Are you open-minded, helpful, proactive, and can you not only view the world from your own perspective, but also from those of others? Perfect!

…You will only be successful if you mix with others. Not if everyone is the same or if just 90 per cent are the same. That doesn’t work. People need to be open to new things or open to those ideas of their colleagues…
(Jessica, Validation Engineer, at Laetus since 2018)

Video Ankit

Ankit is part of our GMDP programme. After successfully completing the MBA, he is now part of a global team with a continuous improvement mindset. In the General Management Development Programme, he will perform three to four roles in at least three functional areas. He gains support and coaching from the management team regarding his career path. The best thing about it is that his path is tailored to his unique skills and interests.

Hear why he opted for the programme:


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For further information on our unique global career programmes at Danaher, click here.

Women @ Laetus

Our teams look forward to gaining new talented colleagues, who share their passion for cutting-edge technology in a valued, inspiring environment. We can help you realise your full potential with us. What you can expect from us and what a career with us might look like? Read for yourself what our colleagues think and how their day-to-day work is organised:

    Work and life

    Work and life – fair and balanced

    Interesting tasks, exciting projects and nice colleagues … that’s important to you. At the same time, you appreciate having enough space and time for your own personal interests. Then Laetus is the right place for you. Because living and working go hand in hand well at Laetus, thanks to flexible working hours and the option of working from home.

    We expect a great deal from you, and especially when projects reach the hot phase, overtime cannot always be avoided. We certainly appreciate this commitment. It is a matter of course for us to create a balance and adequately reward your dedication. Not just in terms of your salary, but attractive additional benefits and offers are included, such as:

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