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Planned from the offset: Your career with us

Laetus has got big plans – also with you. We have ambitious growth targets and need people to develop with us and assume responsibility – in a specialist or managerial role.

After all, at Laetus and throughout the Danaher Group, the principle is to fill 60% of the open positions from within the company and naturally also the management positions.

That’s why we prefer to employ people who impress us both on a professional and individual level and who have the potential and willingness to make more of their talents and further develop themselves.

We of course support your development in a very systematic way. Because there’s one thing we can’t do at Laetus at all: stop. After all, we want to shape the future – our own, our company’s and our customer’s. You too?

When you join Laetus, you open up countless career paths. As you will have access to the entire Danaher world as well as the Laetus organisation for your development.

Employee development

Employee development – holistic and systematic

Your development at Laetus actually starts in the interview. As we are always thinking about tomorrow and have the next level in your development in mind right from the start. We support you in developing your professional and personal potential at Laetus by planning and systematically fostering your development from day one.

Onboarding and induction

Our technologies are challenging, our organisation is complex and our tools and processes are very specific – when you join Laetus, you’ll find lots of new things to familiarise yourself with. To ensure that you feel at home in no time at all, kick off with an intensive induction, which includes training on the Danaher Business System. Your very own “buddy” will help you with organisational questions and will introduce you to the different areas and teams at Laetus.

It is important to us that you have an overview of your own work area as well as the overall working area from the offset and the opportunity to establish personal contacts that go beyond your team.

As one thing is clear: at Laetus, you are never just responsible for “your specialist area” but also for the bigger picture. You are actively involved in the continuous development of overarching processes and systems and therefore make a significant contribution towards the future shaping of our company.

Holistic development on three pillars

Laetus’ employee development is based on three pillars: experience, coaching, training. You might be surprised to hear that “training” is the lowest percentage at 10%. But learning is anything but a “mental thing”. We learn best and most effectively from our own experience, from the experience of new roles and perspectives.

This is why “Learning by doing” plays a central role in employee development at our company. Working in multidisciplinary projects, in other teams, working areas and/or Danaher companies, assignments at other sites – we offer you a wide range of opportunities to gain experience beyond your central field of responsibility and therefore to continuously expand your horizons and responsibilities. You just need to use it.

We also attach great importance to professional and above all mutual coaching. As both sides always benefit from this approach. When we share our knowledge with others, we learn to do it ourselves. We view our work from the learner’s perspective and question our own routines. That’s why it’s a matter of course for each of us to “coach” others, provide constructive feedback, motivate them and support them in their development – in terms of mentoring, but also in day-to-day cooperation.

I have never had as many training courses in other companies as I have since I joined.
(Peter, Marketing Manager, at Laetus since 2017)

Learning new professional and personal skills in special training sessions is of course also an integral part of our employee development. With this in mind, in addition to Laetus’ training programme, you can also take advantage of the Danaher Business System University (DBSU) offering innovative learning opportunities, including on-site events at different sites and virtual training sessions.

Laetus offers you many opportunities to learn new things and to further develop your professional and personal potential. It’s then your job to use it.

Development opportunities on the one hand, as well as the career ladder perspective. … not just the possibility to work at Laetus, but also to be part of the Danaher group and be able to move to another company. Further training opportunities consist of DBS Fundamentals and DBS University, which I have not yet seen in this form.
(Arne, Head of Supply Chain, since 2019 at Laetus)


Career – fostered individually and boundlessly

Once you join Laetus, there will be no stopping you and you can continue to develop. Regardless of whether you are looking for a specialist career or a managerial career: We can help you find exactly the position that best fits your current goals.

A world full of opportunities

The declared goal of Danaher is to fill 60% of open positions in the respective companies in the Danaher Group from its own employees. On average, there are around 1,000 vacancies worldwide at any given time. For example, at Laetus we work very closely with the other companies of the Danaher Product Identification Platform to create synergies and fill as many positions as possible with internal talents that have the potential to optimally execute them.

Infografik - Product Identification Platform

As a result, our employees have direct access on their career path to top international companies that develop, produce and sell technologies and solutions that are closely connected with Laetus – and in the future with you too. Thanks to joint projects and further training, you can establish (initial) contacts in these companies from the very beginning. In order to make your strengths and potential visible to the key HR and specialist managers, we will create a so-called “talent card” together with you. You may be approached for new positions and projects if you so wish, based on this card.

Of course, you can also take the initiative at any time and actively apply for one of the open Danaher positions – your line manager and HR department will assist you.

The journey is the destination

It is only when you know where you are that you can plan your next steps. The basis here is well-founded, constructive feedback. You will gain this on a continuous basis at Laetus. You also meet with your manager twice a year to review what you have achieved, formulate new targets and define what you need in order to develop your professional and personal potential. The P4G (Performance for Growth) process, which describes the targets of each individual employee among other things, as well as the D4G (Development for Growth) process are controlled via our HRM system Workday.

Career paths

Career paths at Laetus

  • Alexandru
    Head of Sales Operations and Inside Sales

  • Claudia
    Regional Service Manager – North Europe


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