It is not too late yet

In just a few months the time will have come: those who want to sell prescription drugs in the European market, must equip them with clear identification and tampering protection. Integrating the necessary systems into existing packaging lines is not only time-consuming, it also greatly affects existing processes.

Often, the time required to implement a serialization project is underestimated. Especially for the test phase, after the implementation, sufficient time needs to be allotted. This is because it is only during operation that it becomes clear if processes are running smoothly and if physical packaging always matches the digital information associated with the packaging.

With its last-minute solutions, Laetus supports pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract packers to still achieve their objectives in time.

MV-50-C – compact and flexible

The MV-50 C, with its compact dimensions of 520 x 761 x 1907 mm (L x D x H), fits perfectly in tight spaces of packaging lines. However, with additional equipment, it can also be used as a stand-alone system. It reliably identifies erect cartons with serialized or batch-constant data and subsequently checks them. An extremely smart solution that allows you to easily meet the EU FMD deadline.


MV-70-F 130 TL – When a little more is wanted

With dimensions that are still compact, this versatile pack handling system not only offers extensive labeling functions, it also allows for the application of temper evident labels. Pre-configured for all serialization requirements and equipped with the same high-quality components as the MV-50, this system also is available at short notice.


Connection to national system and European hub

According to current securPharm reports, approximately 200 pharmaceutical companies have been connected to the German National Health Verification System (NVMS) so far. The stakeholder organization securPharm is responsible for setting up the German system for authentication of pharmaceuticals in accordance with the provisions of the Counterfeit Protection Directive 2011/62 / EU and the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161. As of now, Germany is the only country to be connected to the European hub via its national system. Responsible for the European hub is the European Medicines Verification Organization. By February 2019, all Member States will need to be networked with the European system so that security features of all drug packaging can be verified in pharmacies across Europe.