Laetus will be exhibiting at the all4pack 2018

Laetus, after 40 years of experience providing services to the pharmaceutical industry, now applies its know-how to the service of product quality and traceability in other industries. In 2018 we are officially launching the unified platform: Laetus UP. This new platform will utilize all of the previous solutions developed by the group – be it vision inspection or track & trace solutions. It allows our customers to have a unique, flexible and scalable interface according to the needs defined by individual packaging lines. Guaranteeing a consumer-friendly product will be a key issue for brands in the coming years.

This approach provides several strengths:

  1. guarantee of a product’s originality,
  2. use of a GS1 marking at all stages of packaging to ensure the efficiency of each supply-chain step,
  3.  supports direct and personalized communication between a brand and its end-user.

Imagine a solution that allows you to ensure the packaging quality of your product by continuously controlling its components, while marking each product in a random and unique way. This marking will allow you to develop your brand’s image and safety through a direct link with the consumer!