Quality Control Devices

Cameras, readers, lighting & monitors for traceability solutions

Any traceability solution requires high quality vision inspection components to ensure that print, content, filling, product quality etc. meet the requirements that have been set for the final product. As a standard, Laetus Track & Trace integrates the following Vision Inspection and Quality Control solutions from Laetus Vision Inspection by Videojet:

SmartSpect Camera
All-in-one solution: Camera and high-performance image processing

If you are looking for a perfect web-based camera system for plenty of identification applications at highest belt speeds, search no longer! SmartSpect from Laetus Vision
Inspection is the next generation of fully integrated smart cameras for measurable optical quality control throughout the packaging process. In addition to its versatility, the compact design makes it a great choice, even in tight spaces.

iCAM Camera
Always the perfect control camera

The variety of materials used in packaging processes and their unique surface properties lead to high demands on camera systems for quality inspection. With iCAM from Laetus, you are perfectly equipped for any individual application. Depending on your requirements, the versatile camera system comes with integrated light or as a modular system.

Inspector Camera
Compact smart camera for legibility control

To meet the legal requirements, packaging in many industries has to be printed with human-readable text, like expiry dates. Inspector is your most cost-efficient solution for presence control, print quality control, and inspection of optical character legibility on different materials.

COCAM Code Reader
Code reading in confined spaces

Industrial process environments can be very demanding in terms of size and durability of the systems involved. COCAM wt880 even exceeds these requirements as a robust, compact, and cost-efficient camera solution. It reads, controls and verifies all common 1D and 2D barcodes. Thus, COCAM is best suited for all your applications and marking methods.

eLED Lighting
Versatile eLED systems for ideal lighting

Ensure the best lighting conditions for virtually all your camera-based inspection applications: Laetus’ eLED systems provide powerful, homogeneous and stable illumination, enabling perfect image processing results. With an array of different options and modes, the systems are suitable for surface lighting and backlighting on a wide range of materials.

Commander Monitor
Touch screen models that fit any production line

The new Commander 515WSA and 115WS(A) are the latest models added to our monitor selection. Our WSA models come with an integrated button bar that provides control of the machine or an entire line. The monitors are equipped with fast-response, high resolution touch screens. With a depth of only 58 – 83 mm they are extremely flat and can easily be integrated into any production line.

Laetus Vision Inspection has been merged with Videojet Technology to provide complete print and verify packages, however, products by Laetus Vision Inspection will continue to be the standard für Laetus Track & Trace solutions.

For information about Print & Verify packages contact the Laetus Vision Inspection team

For information about integrating Vision Inspection products into traceability solutions, please contact our Laetus Track & Trace team.