CS-X – Manual Packaging Stations


TNT__0003_ManualPackingStation_Title_con_2016Manual Packaging Stations CS-60 / CS-115


The mobile packing station is the ideal solution for location-independent manual rework and quality checking of individual folding boxes and smaller production volumes. Depending on the equipment, the station can be integrated into the packaging line as a manual aggregation module or – with the required S-TTS software modules, camera systems and printers – used as a line-independent stand-alone solution.

Convincing Highlights:

  • Mobile station for manual processing of serialized products
  • Integrated in the packaging line or used as a stand-alone unit
  • User-friendly operating panel
  • Space savings due to slim dimensions
  • Simple cleaning due to GMP-compliant


CS-115 ES

The CS 115 ES is a variable solution for manual aggregation, rework and / or picking of large numbers of folding boxes or bundles. It can be used offline wherever a manual packing station is needed. Its simple connection to Secure Track & Trace systems makes the CS-115 ES a flexible aggregation module. The glass scanner surface in DIN A3 format is built into the large working surface and can detect multiple codes simultaneously. In addition codes can also be read in with a hand-held scanner.

Convincing Highlights:

  • Entry with copy scanner (bottom up)
  • Large scanning reading surface for quick reading of folding boxes and / or bundles
  • Detection through bundle packaging film possible
  • Automatically activated when product is placed on scanner


CS-115 TS

The CS-115 TS is particularly well-suited for assembling shipping orders in the warehouse. The camera system, positioned above the large work surface, detects all the codes of one entire layer of folding boxes in a carton. For different label requirements, up to three printers can be installed simultaneously. The generous working area makes the CS-115 TS a powerful solution for all aggregation and manual picking requirements in the warehouse.

Convincing Highlights:

  • Code reading of boxes in a carton with top camera (top down) or with copy scanner (bottom up)
  • Large scanning surface for quick reading of folding boxes and / or bundles
  • Up to three label printers



Manual Packaging Stations CS-60/-115

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