MiraLux / MiraLux 3D


L__0002_Motiv 1 Doppelbelichtung_02_2009With the development of the MiraLux illumination unit, Laetus is setting standards in the area of functionality and ergonomics which allows for a substantially faster format changeover.

The upper part of the housing contains camera and lighting, the lower part serves as a light shield. Unlike previous appliances that required the disassembly of the light shield to perform a changeover to another blister format, MiraLux has side panels that can be folded inward, allowing for a faster changeover. In addition, the movable front flap offers easy access for a quick and direct visual inspection of products.

MiraLux is the perfect addition for POLYPHEM Pro, the blister-colour-control system for the true-colour monitoring of tablets in blister. MiraLux 3D is the new version to work with POLYPHEM 3D. It offers a 3D blister inspection in addition to the well know true-colour monitoring.


MiraLux / MiraLux 3D

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