Quality Control Software

Efficient software for controlling printers, print and content

Any traceability solution requires high quality vision inspection components to ensure that print, content, filling, product quality etc. meet the requirements that have been set for the final product. As a standard, Laetus Track & Trace integrates the following inspection software solutions from Laetus Vision Inspection by Videojet:

Single point of control for all printers

In order to comply with varying production and marking requirements, your packaging lines often include several printers. A powerful print device manager like PRINTER wt from Laetus offers easy, centralized control of all your printers. The software supports a wide range of printer manufacturers and models, and delivers a quick and comprehensive overview concerning status and resources of the devices.

All-round camera system for 100% quality control

Experience unique flexibility for almost all inspection tasks throughout the packaging process. Due to its modular design, the INSPECT wt web-based camera system is the solution of choice for all essential control areas, ensuring packaging quality, security and efficiency.

The synonym for efficient print control

ARGUS wt is a modular, network-based control system for reliable code verification and print control in the packaging process. Tailored to individual application requirements, Laetus develops modular solution packages consisting of terminals, IPCs, software and equipment such as scanners and cameras.

Laetus Vision Inspection has been merged with Videojet Technology to provide complete print and verify packages, however, products by Laetus Vision Inspection will continue to be the standard for our Laetus Track & Trace solutions.

For information about Print & Verify packages contact the Laetus Vision Inspection team.

For information about integrating Vision Inspection products into Laetus traceability solutions, please contact our Laetus Track & Trace team.