About Us

Laetus Track & Trace can look back at almost 50 years of experience in implementing quality control and traceability solutions for the food, beverage, cosmetics, lubricants and other industries. We provide complete package with hardware and software modules and/or complete systems that are agnostic and can be seamlessly integrated into existing or new systems. To complete our solutions, we provide consultation and services. So far, 3,500 customers around the world are benefiting from over 18,000 successful Laetus installations.

The traceability of goods throughout the entire packaging and supply chain provides a high degree of product safety and increases the level of trust among consumers in the long term. Laetus Track & Trace focuses on offering a wide range of solutions to serialize and aggregate packaging to support companies with

  • Protection of their brand from counterfeits: by making it difficult for counterfeits to enter the supply chain
  • Increasing consumer engagement: by connecting with customers, providing them with product information, a community, promotions, etc.
  • Preventing product diversions: by tracking products back to their origin and ensuring that retailers offer only those product intended for their respective outlet
  • Providing efficient recall management: by applying unique codes to products, targeted recalls can be completed quicker and more efficiently

Laetus Track & Trace solutions ensure that your products and your brand are protected and strengthened to thrive in the long-run.