Our Partners

Internal partners within the Veraltor Corporation

FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving offer high-precision laser systems for industrial direct part marking. FOBA’s marking solutions create Datamatrix or bar codes, logos, alphanumeric data etc. for traceability, counterfeit protection, product safety, lean manufacturing or decoration.

Videojet provides the right coding and marking solution through the broadest range of technologies, and is committed to providing quality equipment, supplies, and service designed to perform with maximum reliability, efficiency, ease of operation and little maintenance.

External partners

Kezzler empowers brands to provide a safe and transparent product experience through connected digital products. Built on a scalable and flexible architecture, Kezzler’s solution is adaptable to meet brands’ changing requirements and future needs.

Scantrust is a connected goods and products platform for companies that depend on selling physical products in a connected world. Benefit from Active Brand Protection, Supply Chain Awareness, and direct Consumer Engagement.