Spare Parts Management

Establishing a spare parts supply ensures plant availability

Unexpected downtime can have a significant impact on plant productivity. Even more so, if you order spare parts only when they are needed. By setting up proactive spare parts management for all Laetus systems, you ensure your plant availability and avoid supply bottlenecks. You benefit not only from full compatibility of our original spare parts, but on request also from our Laetus service technicians, which guarantees fast professional installation.

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Optimize your spare parts management for:

Increased Efficiency

  • Stock keeping reduces downtime due to delivery times
  • 1:1 exchange of mechanical components with original spare parts without reconfiguring the system
  • Avoids supply shortages

Cost Reduction

  • Periodically required replacement of wear parts can be scheduled (e.g. conveyor belts, light bulbs)
  • Stocking spare parts significantly reduces downtime

Reliable and Professional Repair

  • Installation service guarantees professional repair
  • Preventive maintenance and pro-active replacement of wear parts by our Laetus service technicians ensures system availability and reduces the risk of damage

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