Preventive Maintenance – Database

Regular database maintenance ensures performance & availability of your data

Your data is one of your most important assets. It is the foundation for all types of planning and research. Laetus keeps your data safe, error free and quickly available. With our database maintenance plan, we provide a set of specific, proactive tasks to ensure adequate performance and availability of your database.

Our standard Database Maintenance Service package for database and application parameters includes the following benefits:

  • Ensure Availability
    We re-build indexing – if necessary – during stopped production to ensure high system availability.
  • Guarantee Performance
    Regular archiving of LOG Files and checking of the fragmentation of SQL Environment during production secures a constant performance.
  • Provide Reliability
    Frequent checkup of all necessary database and application parameters, hard drive capacity and memory consumption to avoid unnecessary downtime.

We recommend our remote database maintenance to be done twice per year. Our dedicated team comprised of DBA Experts takes care of your database while you remain focused on your business. With us powering your databases, you can stand up to your competitors and save on cost, time, human resources, efforts and money.

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