When it comes to the quality and safety of your products, our service team supports you with a variety of solutions that facilitate your day-to-day business. We will guide and support you with our experienced project management team (from initial consultation to installation & commissioning), modular training sessionsService Level Agreementspreventative maintenance, and spare parts management.

Project Management

We will gladly act as a general contractor and, if desired, take responsibility for the entire project management. We work closely with companies in our international network as well as with our customers’ partners.

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In order to support high system availability, our Academy offers a wide range of training courses and seminars. The courses are specifically tailored to our customers’ needs and address all user levels.

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Spare Parts

Secure your system availability by setting up a warehouse with spare parts for all of your Laetus machines and vision inspection solution. Anticipatory spare parts management will avoid bottlenecks in your supply.

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Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Focus on your daily business, because you can trust that we take care of your machines. For this purpose Laetus offers global, standardized Service Level Agreements (SLA) for your vision inspection control solutions or your Track & Trace solutions.

SLA Vision Inspection
SLA Track & Trace

Preventative Maintenance

With regular maintenance of your database and/or machines you ensure that your production line runs continuously and flawlessly and any repair costs are kept low.

Database Maintenance

Machine Maintenance


Hotline Support

Do you need technical assistance?
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