• You need a way to guarantee product authenticity?
  • You search for projects to protect your brand against counterfeits?
  • You have a target of increasing CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)?
  • You would like a solution that improves your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)?

With our unified platform and its modular software architecture you can meet ANY or ALL of these objectives.

Which industry are you interested in?

  • Baby Food & Infant Nutrition

    We offers serialization and aggregation solutions to enable and accelerate your consumer engagement journey. The goal of consumer engagement is to create a connection between baby food brand owner and consumer. Through unique identifiers presented on the package, parents get access to the “richer-than-package” information, post-sales support, loyalty programs, and parent communities.

    • Consumer Engagement
    • Track and Connect
    • QR Code on Can
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  • Automotive

    Fake parts and lubricant oil lead to the mistrust among car manufacturer, parts and engine oil suppliers, dealers and consumers. Implementing brand protection mechanism is the solution to enhance trust and avoid counterfeiting products. Having a unique QR identification as a finger-print for each product item, dealers can scan each battery to check the product details, consumers can scan each car oil bottle to confirm its authenticity.

    • Brand Protection
    • Traceability
    • QR Code on Plastic Bottle
  • Cosmetics

    Due to the increase of demand on e-commerce, product diversion and grey market are top challenges for cosmetics companies. The use of reliable Track and Trace solution makes it possible to monitor the product from the manufacturers’ packaging line all the way to the point of sales, and until the consumers. Putting a serial code as a unique identifier of each item enables the tracking and provides the anti-counterfeiting possibility to consumers.

    • Brand Protection
    • Diversion Prevention
    • QR Code on Paper Box
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  • Food & Beverage

    In Food & Beverage industry, brand owners need to find differentiators, such that organic and plant-based products have the highest growth rate in the industry. Consumers are interested at the story of the brand. Implementing a global traceability system at item level, brand owners will have a direct link with their consumers to communicate their uniqueness, in return getting data insights from consumption behavior.  Food manufacturers have massive SKUs with multiple packaging materials and format. With our modular system Laetus serialization solution can be easily personalized and scaled to your production needs.

    • Consumer Engagement
    • From Farm to Table
    • QR Code on Glass,Plastic,Paper,Aluminium

A Unified Platform – with Modular Architecture that Fits Your Needs

Your Ideal and Reliable Traceability Partner

  • Your benefits


    • Complete visibility of product consumption.
    • Provide transparency to consumer and build trust.
    • Cost-efficient solutions on the manufacturing level.
    • Reliable system which increase production uptime.
    • Scalable software architecture toward a flexible integration with MES and ERP.
    • End-to-end project management for long-term partnership.
    • Analytics reporting and preventive maintenance.
    • 24/7 customer support.
  • Learn more about how Laetus can support your traceability, brand protection and consumer engagement journey.




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