Avoiding Recalls with Inspection Solutions

Assuring High Product Quality

An assured high product quality protects consumers, increases the brand reputation and significantly reduces the risk of time-consuming and costly recalls. With high-performance inspection systems, manufacturers can detect defects at an early stage. Goods that do not meet the required standards are automatically ejected. This not only means a competitive edge, but also increases the return on investment (ROI). The data collected by the system also enable evaluation and optimization of internal processes and help to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

The white paper underlines the technological alternatives available on the market and points out possible applications. It introduces successful practical examples and explains which details need to be considered before and during implementation. The reader ultimately gains a clear checklist, which they can use to turn to their trusted provider for further information.

Download now the white paper “Avoiding recalls with inspection solutions”:
  • How manufacturers avoid costly recalls
  • Capture defects and data in real time
  • How to choose the right inspection solution
  • This prevents faulty products from entering the market
  • Protection against counterfeit goods and transparency for consumers
  • Checklist for vision packaging inspection systems

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