Strengthening Brand Loyalty

Engaging Consumers with Product Packaging to Strengthen Brand Loyalty in the Food Industry

74% of consumers said they would switch from the brand they usually buy to a comparable brand that provides more in-depth product information.

Are you driving your customers to make good decisions?

With the world increasingly revolving around digital, companies are integrating the concept of consumer engagement into their digital transformation plans.

The results:
  • Higher brand value & customer confidence that transform customer lifetime value
  • Increase in share of wallet of 55%
  • Engaged consumers become promoters of the brand, resulting in new business opportunities.

In this report, we expanded upon the above with details and facts.

Download the report and read about:
  • Baby food industry overview
  • Building brand equity and trust by engaging with consumers
  • 4Es Consumer Engagement Framework: Enable, Educate, Evolve, Empower
  • The application of serialization on product packages


Download the report and enjoy the read!

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