• You would like a solution that continuously adapts to your requirements?
  • You require optimization of your production?
  • You need to integrate an aggregation solution into an existing production line?

With our unified platform you can meet ANY or ALL of these issues.

Combine modules for a healthy production line

Due to its modularity, our Unified Platform can be adapted quickly and flexibly to country specific regulations and process requirements. The platform provides modules that ensure a high level of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and can be integrated into any existing production line. Other modules focus on brand quality or improving engagement with retailers and your end consumer. Pick a solution that fits all of your requirements and only includes what you actually need. Make life easier by starting to optimize now!

Take a look at how our modular platform is built using Quality Assurance as an example. It is as simple as it is shown.

  • Area of business: Quality Assurance

    • Quality Inspection
    • Service 24/7
    • Serialize
    • UP Core

Which area of business would you like to improve?

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality inspection is especially important for the pharma industry. Errors and defects need to be detected and minimized during production and defective products need to get rejected in time. Our quality inspection solutions can support you with this challenge.

    • Preventative maintenance
    • Quality check
    • Compliance with regulations
    Learn more about Quality Assurance
  • Available modules

    Quality Assurance Modules

  • Available modules

    Production Control Modules

  • Production Control

    To maximize overall equipment effectiveness, the production process requires constant monitoring, evaluating and optimizing. Our track and trace solutions can be integrated into any systems and a connection to the PLC ensures that any deficiencies get detected.

    • Uptime
    • Quick changeover
    • Parallel processing
    Benefit from our experience in Production Control
  • Supply Chain Management

    An important part of supply chain management, especially for the pharma industry, is recall management. Serialized data will help to quickly identify at which stage of the supply chain a recalled product is and efficiently remove it before it reaches patients. Our serialization solutions are the perfect fit for this issue.

    • Clearly defined processes
    • Data transparency strategy
    • Real time information
    Get further information in our Brochure
  • Available modules

    Supply Chain Modules

  • Available modules

    Counterfeit Protection Modules

  • Counterfeit Protection

    In addition to the negative impact, a counterfeit product can have on the profit of affected companies, it can also have severe consequences on consumers’ health. Let us help you to prevent this from happening. We have the tools and experience to protect your brand from counterfeits.

    • Compliant with regulations
    • Guarantee control
    Find out more about Counterfeit Protection
  • Data transparency throughout the supply chain

    Laetus full-stack track-and-trace technologies can help your business comply with all worldwide regulations while guiding you along the next crucial steps toward a more intelligent supply chain.


  • Your benefits

    • Cost-efficient turnkey solutions
    • Long-term partnership builds trust
    • Added value at every step of your supply chain, increasing operational efficiency
    • Complete supply chain visibility and transparency
    • Scalable solutions toward a more intelligent supply chain
    • Data optimization of multiple manufacturing and distribution sites
    • Data in context provides data intelligence
    • Analytics reporting
    • Local 24/7 support for all your solutions
  • All you need for your
    lifetime traceability of your
    pharma product

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  • Global Serialization Landscape

    Global Serialization Landscape


    Various national regulations have been established in order to protect the legal supply chain of prescription drugs. These differ not only in terms of required data carriers and contents, but also range from serialization of individual sales units to tracing a product through the supply chain to the point of dispense. In either case, Track & Trace supports the structuring of processes and increases product safety.

  • Track & Trace Application


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    Video laden

    This video, taken at our customer, Sanovel, provides a step-by-step overview of the solution we installed at their site in Turkey. It shows the path each product takes from initial serialization to aggregation and warehousing and all the steps that need to take place to ensure that only high quality, traceable products leave the site.