DSCSA Guidelines

The Road to Securing DSCSA Compliance

If you are a player in the US market and are looking for information on counterfeit medicines or on becoming DSCSA compliant, this is the document for you.

Counterfeiting is a global problem. Organized crime networks have long ago discovered how lucrative the counterfeit drug business can be – with margins that surpass those of drug trafficking and carry relatively low risk.

As the number of counterfeit pharmaceutical products continues to increase, legal regulations have been created and are being introduced in numerous countries. Their common goal is to make the legal distribution channels of pharmaceutical products safer. In the US market, this process started in 2004 when the State of California required individual packages to be serialized. Since then DSCSA has come a long way, but will still take many more years to be completed.

Download our free “DSCSA Guideline” today and read about:
  • Counterfeit medicines – a growing problem
  • Combating counterfeit medicines
  • Steps to take for becoming DSCSA compliant
  • Also included: Detailed checklist to prepare for your DSCSA implementation

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