Perfume & Fragrance – Russian Regulation

Selling Perfume & Fragrance in Russia:

Are you ready for the 2020 regulation?

Russia has picked up a fight with counterfeiters: anyone who manufactures or sells perfume and fragrance products in Russia must print unique data matrix code on the package. This is required by the new Russian Crypto-Code Law, which is intended to ensure transparency and complete tracking along the entire value chain, from manufacturers to distributors, from retailers to consumers.

The deadline of implementing this new requirement is October 2020.

In our free white paper you can find a clear explanation on how the crypto code works, what is serialization and how the requirements can be integrated into your production line.

Download the guidance “Are you ready for the 2020 Regulation?” and read more about:

  • Facts and important deadlines
  • The challenges of mandatory labelling for perfume manufacturing technologies
  • The definition of a suitable solution
  • Checklist for organization and equipment planning

White Paper Download:

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