Are you actually prepared?

From image loss through to threatened existence

Scandals continue to shake entire industrial sectors across the globe. The triggers here are products with a blatant lack of quality. The scope ranges from hip implants with a lack of stability and breast implants from low-quality industrial silicone to undeclared horsemeat in frozen lasagne through to melamine-contaminated milk powder for infants.

The consequences for consumers may be extremely severe, even life threatening. Even for manufacturers, such scandals harbour enormous risks, from image loss through to one’s existence being threatened. Consumer trust dwindles and this is not only for the manufacturer who was the subject of the scandal. An air of general suspicion is cast over an entire sector. Negative effects which may certainly be long term, in particular in such sensitive areas as baby and infant food, food produce for specific diets of other groups of people, for example, seniors and dietary supplements.

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  • how to ensure product transparency and traceability through serialization
  • how food and dietary supplements offer great potential for counterfeiters
  • minimise the risk of counterfeiting by labelling
  • customer loyalty is increased with extensive security features


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