COSI 221


Laetus__0018_Ebene 1This product is no longer available!

As an alternative we offer you our COCAM wt880.

The COSI 221 is the most popular sensor worldwide for verification of the Laetus PHARMA-CODEtm, with a compact construction facilitating integration on any packaging machine.

The sensor is remarkable for its color sensitivity and offers straightforward, continuous code control.


• Reads and evaluates PHARMA-CODEtm (single- and multi-colored),
checks for tube orientation, contrast marks, inverse-printed code
• Inspects code on cartons, leaflets, labels and tubes
• Highly compact design:
can be used even in smallest spaces
• Excellent color sensitivity:
Checks critical colours via PHARMA-CODEtm
• Integrated evaluation of the signal data:
Trouble-free and reliable control

In conjunction with the ARGUS family and other Laetus sensors, the
COSI 221 offers an efficient security system on all common packaging