COSI 221 – Sensor


Laetus__0018_Ebene 1The COSI 221 is the most popular sensor worldwide for verification of the Laetus PHARMA-CODEtm, with a compact construction facilitating integration on any packaging machine.

The sensor is remarkable for its color sensitivity and offers straightforward, continuous code control.


• Reads and evaluates PHARMA-CODEtm (single- and multi-colored),
checks for tube orientation, contrast marks, inverse-printed code
• Inspects code on cartons, leaflets, labels and tubes
• Highly compact design:
can be used even in smallest spaces
• Excellent color sensitivity:
Checks critical colours via PHARMA-CODEtm
• Integrated evaluation of the signal data:
Trouble-free and reliable control

In conjunction with the ARGUS family and other Laetus sensors, the
COSI 221 offers an efficient security system on all common packaging