MV-70 – Pack Handling System


Its wide range of features and its versatility make the MV-70 the ideal solution for the most demanding requirements for secure marking of folding boxes in the packaging line. Optionally up to two different print positions can be set up, permitting – simultaneous – printing of the front and the back side of a folding box.

Convincing highlights:

  • Secure Pack Handling System
  • One user-friendly operating panel to control all modules
  • Space savings due to slim dimensions
  • Extensible with modules
  • Simple maintenance due to GMP-compliant design
  • Format adaptation without tools


MV-70 TL

This member in the MV-70 product line is perfectly suitable if, in addition to unique marking, vignettes or certificates of originality must be placed on the folding box. While a built-in two-sided labeller secures both opening tabs with label seals, another labeller can provide the top of the folding boxes with vignettes.

Convincing highlights:

  • Built-in two-sided labeller for safety seal
  • Precise product guiding due to studded belt
  • Printing on front, back and top sides
  • Convenient label changes


MV-70 TL + Checkweigher

This MV-70 solution combines high-precision checkweighing technology from Sartorius Intec with reliable Mark & Verify technology from Laetus. The dynamic checkweigher is a quality assurance component and ensures that the contents of the folding boxes are complete.
Is the simultaneous application of vignettes and originality seals required? No problem. The MV-70 TL + checkweigher can easily be extended with labelling functionality. The reliable all-in-one solution for secure packaging control.

Convincing highlights:

  • Printing on front, back and top sides
  • Built-in two-sided labeller for safety seal
  • User-friendly operation of machine, printer and control camera from a central touch panel
  • GMP-compliant design permits easy access to all machine parts
  • Prepared for different printing systems and technologies


Pack Handling System MV-70

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