EU FMD Compliance at Pohl-Boskamp

Problem description

How can medium-sized companies achieve EU FMD compliance?

Solution to the problem

Medium-sized companies, in particular, place special requirements on marking and inspection solutions. The manageable product range and low number of production lines in comparison to large pharmaceutical companies calls for appropriate control solutions, which can above all be flexibly tailored to the company’s development and legal requirements. Pohl-Boskamp, whose headquarters are based in Hohenlockstedt, puts its trust in Laetus’ expertise when it comes to solving this problem. MV-50 and MV-70 pack handling systems are used to mark and control folding boxes. At the production facilities in Hohenlockstedt, an MV-70 TL not only ensures unique marking and verification but also directly applies tamper-proof protection labels to products. The MV-50, which is fitted with two print heads, supports production at the second site in Dägeling. In addition to its compact dimensions, the system impresses users with its high degree of quality at a machine output of up to 400 units per minute. Laetus offers customers its serialisation expertise, availability and great advice as well as a certain confidence of being in good hands as a medium-sized company.

  1. Pack handling systems in all performance classes
  2. User-friendly touchscreen operation
  3. Reliable, robust, flexible and can be adjusted in a modular way
  4. S TTS (Secure Track & Trace Solutions) freely scaleable

European marking and tracking obligations must be met by 2019. Indeed, particularly medium-sized companies need a partner, who is able to flexibly address their requirements when it comes to serialisation. Laetus’ product range is designed in such a way that it can be perfectly tailored to your requirements as well as remaining open for future developments. From serialisation, to software connection, through to control, solutions are included in the range which can be effortlessly extended by simply adding predefined cells for future requirements.

Laetus products used:
  • Laetus S-TTS
    Laetus S-TTS

    Modular secure track & trace software for seamless product tracking.

  • MV-50

    Hardware for flexible marking and verifying of serialized cartons.

  • MV-70

    Marking and verifying for pharmaceutical compliances