Quality Control – Track and Trace

Successful Quality Control and Traceability Implementations

For years, the French subcontractor Pharmaster, based in Erstein south of Strasbourg, has been successfully working with Laetus to implement an extensive range of inline quality control, serialization and track & trace requirements.

Began with the PHARMA-CODE

The collaboration started in 2008 with ARGUS, checking the standardized PHARMA CODE on drug labeling, folded boxes and package inserts. The introduction of CIP 13 with data matrix code and additional quality controls of primary and secondary packaging will very soon be making it necessary to use a new system. INSPECT checks the positioning of the labels or the colored ring marking on bottles as well as the presence of the package inserts and the code and printing of plain writing on the folded boxes. As well as reliable technical implementation of the ever-increasing requirements, support and training in the local country’s language was an important criterion when choosing a supplier.

New Requirements Through New Regulations

The core markets of Pharmaster are Europe and Russia. In the first instance, the company is therefore concentrating on implementing these regulations. In 2015, the existing lines started to install serialization solutions on OEM machines using the secure track & trace software (S-TTS) from Laetus. This means that Pharmaster is already producing in compliance with EU directives before the implementation deadline.

No Breathing Space in Sight

The next requirements are already on the horizon: Rising quality demands from clients are meaning that Pharmaster already has to tackle the second track & trace step of aggregation now. Benoit Kautzmann, technical manager at Pharmaster explains this development: “The end user’s trust in a pharmaceutical product is not least influenced by the quality of the packaging. In collaboration with Laetus, in future we will also be working to constantly improve the quality of our product packaging.”

The Key to Success:
  1. Perfected technical solutions
  2. Support in local country language
  3. Trust-based collaboration
  4. OEM machine integration
Products Powered by Laetus

    INSPECT wt is a uniquely flexible web-based camera system, capable of meeting a wide variety of inspection requirements.

  • Laetus S-TTS
    Laetus S-TTS

    Modular secure track & trace software for seamless product tracking, fully compliant for Pharmaceutical industry.

  • iCAM

    Laetus iCAM camera systems are optimally designed for vision quality inspection on packaging machines. The type of the printed material is almost completely irrelevant.