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Quality Control & Track and Trace with Laetus

Laetus is a world-leading provider of powerful hardware and software for Vision Inspection, as well as Track and Trace.
Our solutions enable the highest level of product quality and efficient packaging processes in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology, cosmetics, food and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). The modules and complete systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing or new systems. 3,500 customers are already benefiting from these around the world with over 18,000 successful installations.

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Vision Inspection for quality assurance you can count on

Laetus offers a diverse range of possible applications for visual inspection, in order to check the quality, intactness and completeness of products within the packaging line. A consistently high level of product quality protects consumers and keeps the risk of recalls to a minimum. As such, users avoid additional work, extra costs and their image being damaged. Our powerful inspection systems swiftly and reliably detect defective or damaged products, which can then be automatically sorted. Furthermore, valuable data can be gathered, which enables existing processes to be evaluated and optimised.

Here are just some of the solutions offered by Laetus:

  • Presence monitoring for completeness of all packaging contents, ampoule colour ring identification or fill level control of bottles and dispensers with INSPECT
  • Blister control for damage, contamination or repeated filling with POLYPHEM

In addition to this, Laetus offers a wide range of applications for product identification. ARGUS, for example, enables important safety inspections such as label inspection and checking of packaging printing.

  • Code reading of 1D and 2D codes including the Laetus PHARMA-CODE
  • Inspection of the print quality of codes and design features
  • Print inspection of plain text, independent of background design
  • Inspection of data matrix codes
  • Reading and recording of expiration dates, product codes and batch designations

Along with our customers, we create tailored solutions from our extensive range for all process-specific requirements.

Seamless tracking with Track & Trace

Laetus has been a Track & Trace specialist for over 40 years and offers a wide range of solutions to serialise and aggregate packaging. The traceability of goods throughout the entire packaging and supply chain provides a high degree of product safety and increases the level of trust among consumers in the long term. Marking and verification of products means that defective batches can be detected at any time and withdrawn from the production line.

This is particularly important in industries with costly or sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, in which the risk of counterfeits is minimised, as unlicensed or stolen goods are not able to make their way onto the legal supply chain. New legal specifications such as the Russian crypto-code or pharmaceutical regulations on the traceability of pharmaceuticals such as the EU Falsified Medicines Directive EU FMD are fulfilled without any problems. In order to prevent medication being counterfeited, UV codes can also be used during the serialisation process, which are only visible to our camera and lighting systems.

Laetus offers users all the components required for successful Track & Trace from a single source. Thanks to their modular structure, they can be simply adjusted to the customer-specific production environment as well as their requirements in terms of tracking and traceability. Connection to the PLC enables comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of process sequences. As such, Laetus ensures maximum safety and Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Consultation and service on a global scale

Laetus supports users in line with their requirements as well as on site at your premises. Our sales and service network includes subsidiaries in numerous European countries, North, Central and South America as well as Asia. Along with 50 independent partners, we are committed to our customers, anytime and anywhere, from the initial contact, to commissioning our solutions, through to customer support.

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A reliable packaging control contributes immensely to the quality management of products. After all, the packaging is the first attribute that catches the customer’s eye and that he holds in his hands.

Laetus has more than 45 years of experience in developing solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical technology, cosmetics, food and FMCG industries.



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Flexibility is one of the key factors for efficient production processes. Whether your internal production changes or the external circumstances require adjustments, with our modular hardware and software options we can provide you with the right solution for your specific needs.

Due to high customer loyalty and continuous innovation, many of our systems have become a worldwide standard for packaging lines.



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Last week a critical remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in the ubiquitous Log4j Java library was publicly disclosed by the Apache Software Foundation.

All Laetus products are not affected by this vulnerability.

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