Vision Inspection

Image processing as the key to successful vision inspection

The vision inspection of production and packaging processes is an important parameter of quality inspection and quality control in many areas of the production industry. Consistent product quality builds your customers’ trust in your product and, with low reject rates, guarantees highly efficient manufacturing processes.

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What is the purpose of vision inspection?

Pharmaceutics and medical technology

The packaging of pharmaceutical products must satisfy numerous legally prescribed criteria. A range of different packaging control applications are available to guarantee the compliance of the various types of packaging. It makes no difference whether it is the established pharmacode or a data matrix code. The safe exclusion of faulty products by means of reliable vision inspections is the top priority here. This also includes checking blisters for completeness and the ensuring the integrity of the contents by means of an efficient fill inspection.

Food and other FMCG

The tasks of vision inspection in the food industry range from checking the presence and position of fasteners, to the inspection of variable data, right through to integrity control and the inspection of a wide range of product features and properties.

Cosmetics and luxury goods

As well as being attractive, the packaging for cosmetic products also needs to give the impression of luxury and wellness. Trust in the brand is particularly important. Quality inspection represents brand protection in this case. Cosmetic packaging therefore often features points for the identification of codes by means of image-processing-based code control. Precise vision inspections guarantee the quality of the product and thereby protect the reputation of both the brand and the company.

Which is the best camera system?

As the customer, you define which quality criteria need to be checked, as you know your product and the packaging process best. Our broad range of software applications enable you to bundle together individual inspection tasks from the fields of identification, fill inspection and quality control to form a solution that is tailored to your exact requirements. Developing a vision inspection solution involves more than just installing a camera. The implementation of requirements requires expertise in mechanical image processing, electronics, automation and software implementation. Different types of code reading and human readable text are also covered by the Laetus portfolio, as well as comprehensive fill inspection. Do you work with color ring identification? Or UV-code? No problem for our versatile quality control system.

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