Fill Inspection

Fill inspection for blister packaging

Fill inspection for blister packaging

Fill inspection for blister packaging

Reliable fill inspection is part of the quality control of pharmaceutical products. Packaging pharmaceuticals in blisters can result in irregularities that have an impact on the quality of the salable unit. Such irregularities include the non-filling, incorrect filling or partial filling of a blister pocket. Other factors affecting quality include those that go far beyond pure presence and integrity controls.

Criteria such as the color, shape and exact dimensions of the filling material can represent quality features just as much as the detection of contamination, foreign bodies and overfilled blister pockets. Foils that are applied out of alignment or damaged undermine customers’ trust in the product and can be prevented by means of vision control.

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POLYPHEM is more than just fill inspection. It is the essence of experience from 2,000 installed systems. From the outset, POLYPHEM covers all control functions and can be configured in accordance with individual customer requirements without the need for additional programming effort. This minimizes the time required to integrate the system and adapt it to new formats and control operations considerably and has a positive impact on system availability and total operating costs (TCO).

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Together with the MiraLux illumination unit, POLYPHEM efficiently detects errors in the filling material. The perfectly designed MiraLux makes the change of format and cleaning of packaging machines considerably faster, as the front and side sections can be opened.

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