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    • Corona-19

      We will find a way: first we at Laetus hope that you, your family and your colleagues are healthy. Please take care yourselves in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. We are fighting together with our customers against this global threat. Laetus is here, giving a strong support to your business and operation! >>> klick […]

    • laetus-up-news

      Laetus UP Suite

      The modular solution for your processes With the Laetus UP, Laetus is now presenting its customers with a new, extended version of its tried-and-tested software platform for efficient production processes, transparent delivery chains, product quality and integrity as well as customer loyalty. It offers a wide range of standardised modules that can be combined simply […]

    • Russian crypto-code

      New challenge for manufacturers Since Russian Federal Act No 488-FZ came into force on January 1, 2019, drug manufacturers have just one year to implement the serialization regulations of the Crypto-Code Act. This challenge should not be underestimated, as the Data Matrix Codes to be used increase significantly with the same module size as a […]

    • MV-50 & Movilitas Cloud

      The Fast Path to Successful Serialization and Secure Data Management: Visit us at the Movilitas Track & Trace Conference 2018 and see how the MV-50 & Movilitas Cloud combination can help you meet serialization requirements quickly and for changing quantities. The new system combines our proven Laetus Track & Trace solution with the Movilitas Cloud […]

    • Laetus will be exhibiting at all4pack 2018

      Laetus will be exhibiting at the all4pack 2018

      Laetus, after 40 years of experience providing services to the pharmaceutical industry, now applies its know-how to the service of product quality and traceability in other industries. In 2018 we are officially launching the unified platform: Laetus UP. This new platform will utilize all of the previous solutions developed by the group – be it […]

    • SmartSpect, smart camera, optical quality control

      Laetus launches the new SmartSpect camera

      With SmartSpect, Laetus has brought to the market the next generation of fully integrated smart cameras for optical quality control. The intelligent camera system combines a camera and high-performance image processing in a single unit. The pre-configured versions offer short delivery times, and their compact design makes them easy to install – even in confined […]

    • ACHEMA 2018 Laetus Stand

      ACHEMA 2018 – Last-minute Solutions and SmartSpect Camera

      How the serialization requirements according to EU-FMD and FGIS MDLP can still be implemented on time was one of Laetus’ focus topics at ACHEMA. For this task, we presented solutions for pre-serialization, integration into the line and the SaaS+ serialization service. Another highlight was the launch of the new SmartSpect Camera – bundled vision inspection […]

    • Key User Summit ACHEMA 2018

      Key User Summit 2018

      On June 12 and 14, selected users of the pharmaceutical industry met with Bernd Sägmüller, Head of Product Management and Axel Jung, Senior Product Manager, to exchange experiences and take a joint look at the latest developments in the field of serialization. The program also included a presentation on the current state of development of […]

    • It is not too late yet

      In just a few months the time will have come: those who want to sell prescription drugs in the European market, must equip them with clear identification and tampering protection. Integrating the necessary systems into existing packaging lines is not only time-consuming, it also greatly affects existing processes. Often, the time required to implement a […]

    • Laetus Key User Summit 2017

      Key User Summit 2017

      On October 12 and 13, selected representatives of the pharmaceutical industry met at the Key User Summit 2017 at the Track & Trace Academy in Bensheim. The event provided a unique platform for the exchange of experiences and to learn more about the latest developments in the field of serialization. “How do the others deal […]

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    8 – 10 Oct 2020 | FCE | Sao Paulo, Brazil | Stand L064

    3 – 5 Nov 2020 | CIPM | Changsha, China

    8 – 11 Nov 2020 | PackExpo | Chicago, USA | Stand LU7260

    25 Feb – 3 March 2021 | Interpack | Duesseldorf | Hall 8b, Stand D02